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San Shou

Side A is the starter in Part 1.
Side B is the follower in Part 1.

Part 1
A-1. Step Forward and Chop
    B-2. Rollback
A-3. Right Shoulder Strike
    B-4. Right Slap (Split)
A-5. Long Rollback Right Side
    B-6. Right Shoulder Strike
A-7. Cross and Push
    B-8. Long Rollback Left
A-9. Left Shoulder Strike
    B-10. Left Slap
A-11. Long Rollback Left
    B-12. Left Shoulder Strike
A-13. Cross and Push
    B-14. Withdraw Body, Rollback, Join Hands
A-15. Join Hands

Part 2
    B-16. Step Forward and Punch
A-17. Deflect and Chop
    B-18. Hold Up and Shoulder Strike
A-19. Beat Tiger Right
    B-20. Left Elbow Strike
A-21. Push (Right Hand Leads)
   B- 22. Left Chop with Fist
A-23. Right Shoulder Strike
    B-24. Withdraw Step and Beat Tiger Left, Join Hands
A-25. Right Chop With Fist, Join Hands
    B-26. Join Hands

Part 3
    B-27. Press Elbow and Punch face
A-28. Ward Off, Turn and Push Left
    B-29. Neutralize and Chop
A-30. Deflect and Punch
    B-31. Horizontal Split
A-32. Change Step, Wild Horse Tosses Mane Left
    B-33. Beat Tiger Right
A-34. Turn Body, Withdraw Step, and Long Rollback Left, Join Hands
    B-35. Join Hands

Part 4
A-36. Pull
    B-37. Ward Off Right
A-38. Split
    B-39. Long Rollback Right
A-40. Right Elbow Strike
    B-41. Push
A-42. Right Shoulder Strike
    B-43. Press, Join Hands
A-44. Neutralize and Join Hands
    B-45. Pull
A-46. Ward Off Right
    B-47. Split
A-48. Long Rollback Right
    B-49. Right Elbow Strike
A-50. Push
    B-51. Right Shoulder Strike
A-52. Neutralize and Press
    B-53. Neutralize and Join Hands
A-54. Join Hands

Part 5
    B-55. Step Forward and Left Shoulder Strike
A-56. Turn Body and Push
    B-57. Separate Hands, Control, and Kick with Sole
A-58. Brush Knee and Punch Groin
    B-59. Neutralize and Horizontal Split
A-60. Change Step and Jade Maiden Right
    B-61. Left Neutralize and Right Chop
A-62. White Crane Spreads Wings and Left Kick to Knee
    B-63. Step Forward and Left Shoulder Strike
A-64. Step Back to Left and Hammer
    B-65. Turn Body and Reverse Hammer
A-66. Twin Peaks Pierce Ears
    B-67. Neutralize and Double Push
A-68. Neutralize Left and Punch Right
    B-69. Neutralize, Turn and Push Left
A-70. Split Elbow
    B-71. Withdraw Elbow, and Push
A-72. Separate Opponent's Arms and Right Slap
    B-73. Squat Down to Neutralize and Push
A-74. Neutralize, Control Left Arm, and Right Elbow Strike
    B-75. Push
A-76. Fold and Chop Right and Join Hands
    B-77. Join Hands

Part 6
A-78. Step Forward and Push
    B-79. Roll Back
A-80. Press
    B-81. Push
A-82. Ward Off
    B-83. Hands Circle Counterclockwise and Step up with Left Foot
A-84. Hands Circle Clockwise, Step Back Right
    B-85. Circle Counterclockwise and Step Right Foot
A-86. Circle Clockwise, Step Back Left
    B-87. Hands circle Counterclockwise and Forward Step with Left Foot
A-88. Clockwise and back, Right Foot
    B-89. Hands Clockwise and Forward Right Foot
A-90. Counterclockwise and Back, Left Foot
    B-91. Clockwise and Forward Left Foot
A-92. Counterclockwise and back Right
    B-93. Clockwise and Forward Right Foot
A-94. Counterclockwise and Back Left Foot (Warding Off Right)

Part 7
    B-95. Step Forward and Horizontal Split
A-96. Change Step and Hammer to Right
    B-97. Beat Tiger Right
A-98. Turn Body, Withdraw, and Long Rollback
    B-99. Step Up an Left Shoulder Strike
A-100. Press
    B-101. Change Step, Separate Hands, and Right Shoulder Strike to Center
A-102. Change Step, Turn Body, and Left Shoulder Strike
    B-103. Circular Elbow Strike
A-104. Turn and Golden Cock Stands on One Leg
    B-105. Step back and Pull Down
A-106. Separate Hands and Kick with Sole
    B-107. Step Back, Pull Down, Advance to Left Shoulder Strike
A-108. Step Back and Hammer to Left
    B-109. Turn Body, Change Step, and Separate Right Foot
A-110. Dodge to Left, Separate Hands, and Brush Right Knee
    B-111. Turn Body, Change Step, and Separate Left Foot
A-112. Dodge to Right and Brush Left Knee
    B-113. Change Hands and Right Shoulder Strike
A-114. Return Right Shoulder Strike
    B-115. Step Forward and Ward Off Left
A-116. Wave Hands Like Clouds Right
    B-117. Step Forward and ward Off Right
A-118. Wave Hands Like Clouds Left
    B-119. Separate Hands and Chop Chest
A-120. Neutralize Sideways and Punch Upwards
    B-121. Neutralize, High Pat the Horse, and Kick with Left Sole
A-122. White Crane Spreads Wings and Opening Kick
    B-123. Turn Body and Sweep the Lotus Right
A-124. Left Oblique Flying
    B-125. Squatting Single Whip
A-126. Right Oblique Flying
    B-127. Beat Tiger left
A-128. Turn and Chop with Fist
    B-129. Step back and Repulse Monkey Right
A-130. Step Forward and Slap Left
    B-131. Repulse Monkey Left
A-132. Step Forward and Slap Right
    B-133. Repulse Monkey Right
A-134. Step Forward to Form Seven Stars
    B-135. Needle at Sea Bottom
A-136. Fan Through the Back
    B-137. Play the Lute
A-138. Bend Bow, Shoot Tiger
    B-139. Turn to Single Whip
A-140. Fist Under Elbow and Join Hands
    B-141. Join Hands

Part 8
A-142. Turn Body, Pull and Split (Long Rollback)
    B-143. Step Forward Right, Elbow and Shoulder Strike
A-144. Slap
    B-145. ward Off, Turn Body. Pull and Split (Long Rollback)
A-146. Step Up Right, Elbow and Shoulder Strike
    B-147. Slap
A-148. Ward Off  and Join Hands
    B-149. Join Hands

Part 9
A-150. Step Forward and Choke
    B-151. Cross Hands, Carry Tiger Return to the Mountain
A-152. Turn Body, Rollback, and Raise Hands
    B-153. Step Forward to Raise Hands
A-154. Retreat to Ride Tiger
    B-155. Retreat to Ride Tiger
A-156. Cross Hands
    B-157. Cross Hands
Conclusion of Two Person Set