The 8, 9, 10

Eight Exercises:

1. Twin dragons sporting in streams

2. Sweeping the thousand warriors

3. Holding the cauldron aloft

4. Twin dragons rolling in the waves

5. Holding the moon

6. Lion shakes tail

7. Wu Sung beats tiger

8. Spring wind sweeps the willow

Nine Exercises:

1. Bow low to present the treasure

2. Lean back to have audience with Heaven

3. Warrior lifts the Cauldron

4. Dragon coiling step

5. Sorceress scoops sea bottom

6. Eagle carries prey

7. Holding cauldron aloft; four pillars hang below

8. Split the mountain

9. Holding the moon and kick behind

Ten Exercises:

1. Forward bend

2. Side bend

3. Circle knees

4. Seahorse rides the waves

5. Rocking the baby

6. Kick and tap foot

7. Circle palms above and below

8. Deep horse stance squat

9. Wu Sung beats the tiger

10. Circle on the empty leg and tap shoulder