Sword Form

Sword Form (Sword Form Video):

1. Beginning Form (North)

2. Step Up, Join Sword hand and Empty Hand (North)

3. The Immortal Points Out the Road (West)

4. Three Rings Encircle the Moon (ends West)

5. Great Star of the Dipper (West) - Chief Star of the Dipper, God of Literature

6. Swallow Nips the Water (West)

7. Intercept and Sweep

8. Right Style (Northwest)

9. Left Style (West)

10. Lesser Star of the Dipper (Southwest)

11. Wasp Enters the Hive (Southeast)

12. Nimble Cat Catches the Mouse (Southeast)

13. Dragonfly Sips the Water (Southeast)

14. Swallow Enters Nest

15. Look Southeast

16. Look Northwest

17. Finish Southeast

18. Phoenix Spreads Both Wings (Northwest)

19. The Whirlwind, Right Style

20. Lesser Star of the dipper (Southwest)

21. The Whirlwind, Left Style

22. "Going Fishing" Posture (Northwest)

23. Sweep the Grass and Search for Snake

24. Right Style (Northwest)

25. Left Style (Southwest)

26. Right Style (West)

27. Embrace the Moon (Look West) - Hold the Moon on One's Bosom

28. Send the Bird up into the Grove (West)

29. Black Dragon Wags tail (West)

30. Wind Rolls up the Lotus Leaf (West)

31. Lion Shakes Head

32. Right Style (East)

33. Left Style (East)

34. Right Style (East)

35. The Tiger Holds its Head (East)

36. Wild Horse Leaps over the Mountain Torrent (East)

37. Reverse Body and Rein in the Horse (West)

38. The Compass Needle (West)

39. Face the Wind to Brush off the Dust

40. Right Style (Northwest)

41. Left Style (Southwest)

42. Right Style (West)

43. Drift with the Current (East)

44. The Meteor Chases the Moon (Look East)

45. Skylark Flies Over the Waterfall (North)

46. Pull Away the Curtain (North)

47. Move Sword Like a Cartwheel, Left and Right

48. Swallow Holds Mud in Mouth (Northeast)

49. Great Roc Spreads Wings (Southwest)

50. Scoop Up the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea (Look East)

51. Embrace the Moon (Look East)

52. Yaksha Searches the Sea (Look Est low) - Demon messenger

53. Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon (Look East)

54. Shoot the Wild Goose (Northwest)

55. Green Dragon Puts out Claws (Northwest)

56. Phoenix Spreads Both Wings (Southeast)

57. Low Stance and Intercept

58. Right Style (Look Southeast)

59. Left Style (Look Northwest)

60. Shoot the Wild Goose (Southeast)

61. White Ape Offers Fruits (East)

62. Falling Flowers (East)

63. Jade Maiden Threads the Shuttle (North)

64. White Tiger Twists Tail (Look East)

65. Carp Leaps over the Dragon Gate (East)

66. Black Dragon Twists Pillar (Ends East)

67. The Immortal Points Out the Road

68. Look East

69. Look West

70. The Wind Sweeps the Plum Flower (Ends North)

71. Holding the Ceremonial Tablet (North)

72. Return Sword to Original Position (North)