Drawing Silk: Masters' Secrets for Successful Tai Chi Practice

Drawing Silk by Paul B. Gallagher is the primary book that we use in class. The beginning gives a good overview and many essential tips. The middle has a few different stories that are fun to read and can give you a broader understanding of Tai Chi. Most of the forms are listed toward the back.

Amazon Description: The distilled essence of Tai Chi philosophy and practical training tips from legendary masters past and present. What every serious Tai Chi student must know to really benefit from Tai Chi practice. Yang Cheng Fu's 'Ten Points,' priceless guidelines for Yang Style practice from the source of the art. Master J.J.Sung's 'Twelve points,' further elaboration and refinement of Yang's Ten Points. Ten Steps in training, a systematic guide toward greater achievement in Tai Chi. Nine ways for students to multiply the effectiveness of their training. Translation of the four major Tai Chi Classics, considered by many masters to be the foundation of the art. Taoist tales, showing the inner 'mystical' dimension of training. Translation of the Classics of the famed 'Five Animal Frolics,' precursors of Tai Chi, dating back more than 1800 years. What is the entire Tai Chi System and best ways to learn it. How to find a qualified Tai Chi Teacher. 'Secrets' of Chinese martial arts etiquette. And more.

Web Pages: (Paul Gallagher Blog): You can still find a few articles on his older blog (listed), but Paul Gallagher's website is no longer active.

You Tube Links to a playlist that I am putting together.